Virtex Grain Exchange Ltd. was formed in Saskatchewan in 2009 after the closing of the exclusively farmer owned Farm Corp united Grain Pool Ltd formerly known as Farm Corp Marketing International.  We at Virtex Grain consist of a small group of farmers from Farm Corp plus new farmer shareholders.

Virtex acts as a grain selling agent of all types of grain for its current members and owners. Its main sales focus is the Clearfield Canola program and exclusive Hulless Barley contract program.

Virtex Grain in 2015 acquired a 45,000 sq ft multi-use food processing facility outside of Saskatoon, SK., operating under Virtex Farm Foods Ltd.   Also, in 2015, Virtex Grain created North Prairie Family Farms to process, bottle and market a unique and high-quality non-GMO Cold Pressed Canola Oil called North Prairie Gold. Click here to learn more about North Prairie Family Farms.

Our Facility

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Our Vision:

To provide our farmers stable and growing profits through our VALUE-ADDED PROGRAM in an increasing volatile and high-risk Global Commodities Market.

Our Goals:

We are built on 4 pillars

  • to create profits for Virtex farmers, shareholders and quota owners
  • to create a higher profit per acre for Virtex farmers than the commodity market
  • to constantly search for new opportunities in grains/oilseeds/ specialty crops through Block Marketing and Value Added
  • to listen to consumers and provide them what they need with production from our farms in a demand – pull model