Virtext Grain Exchange Ltd.


A Profitable Future for Independent Family Farms


Virtex is a farmer-owned grain selling agent and will provide all services required in grain procurement, contracting, seed inputs, logistics and hedging.

• Procurement company for all grain, including administration, logistics and payments.

• Responsible for new farm contracting

• Provide seed and inputs for hulless and non GMO canola.

• Provide hedging management and requirements.

• Provides for the marketing of farmers grain outside the processing facility.

• Will market feed mail from plant.

• Development company for future value added programs for its farmers, such as the hulless barley program.

• All Virtex members have access to contract with the plant.


Building...A Durable Competitive Advantage Over Any Single Farm

New Hulless Barley Contracts
A Great Cereal Option for Your Crop Rotation!

Hulless Barley

Growing Clearfield Canola?
Call Us about your farm selling Canola Oil and not just a commodity.

Clearfield Canola

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