Virtext Grain Exchange Ltd.


Rick Pender – Managing Director

Mr. Pender is a graduate of the University of Calgary in 1990 with a degree in Economics and minor in Management. He has been involved as project and operations manager for Virtex since 2009. He has extensive experience in the agriculture industry in varied forms. Mr. Pender is a fourth generation farmer from a 4,000 acre grain and seed farm in the Prince Albert area. He has also owned a fertilizer dealership which had sales in seed, fertilizer and chemicals, as well as operating a trucking division. Since the inception of the family company Penstar Ventures Corporation in 1996, he has been involved in agricultural project research development and non agricultural investments. His first research project in 1996 was the feasibility of a grain logistics and marketing program through the Port of Churchill. He then became president of Farm Corp International Ltd. in 2000 and subsequently, president of Farm Corp United Grain Pool Ltd. until 2009 where he was in charge of project development, strategic planning and operations management. In that capacity he was involved in farm membership growth, general grain marketing, developing and monitoring specialized block marketing programs and a food processing development project for hulless barley and wheat. He also has international networking experience with farm organizations, farmers and companies in Europe, United Kingdom, United States and Canada. Mr. Pender presently resides in Calgary, Alberta.