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CDC McGwire 2-Row Hulless Barley

Limited contracts available

Exceptional disease resistance

• Resistant to Vomy Toxins, Stem rust, net form and spot form net blotch.
• Moderately resistant to scald, as well as both false loose and covered smut.
• Not affected by saw fly or midge.
• Resistance superior to all other hulled or hulless 2-rowed varieties

High yield potential

• As good as or better than Metcalf barley but with a 60 pound bushel.
• Simple one grade system means simplicity in marketing.

Outstanding stand and threshability

• Sets up short and stalky leaving more fertilizer for seed production.
• Threshes more easily than wheat.

High prices

• Suitable for feed, milling and malting.
• Sells as a feed for feed wheat prices.
• Sells for malting and milling at malt barley prices.

New Hulless Barley Contracts
A Great Cereal Option for Your Crop Rotation!

Hulless Barley

No midge or sawfly problems
No grading worries
Easy to grow

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Block marketing and New farm based technology

Higher returns than traditional feed and malt barley varieties.